Sunleaves Power Matrix is the power strip of our dreams

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Sunleaves Power Matrix is the power strip of our dreams
The Power Matrix 8-outlet power strip from Sunleaves is one of the most exciting electrical appliances we’ve ever seen. We’re already swooning for just about any usb power strip that has a straight eight outlets but not only does the Sunleaves Power Matrix SPM-100 have five of its outlets on stuby little squid arms, it is remarkably cheap too!

We’ve covered a ridiculously diverse array of power strips over the years. Everything from the Kill-a-Watt PS to monitor electricity consumption, the iRemoTap PS that puts control in the cloud, the USB Power Strip that turns a computer into a controller to the Waterproof Power Strip and Articulated Power Strip have caught our attention.

However, priced at just $20 online and perhaps a couple bucks more at brick n’ mortar stores, it’s hard to beat the Sunleaves Power Matrix’s sheer value and practicality. The UL-listed SPM-100 includes a 3.5 foot cord, illuminated on/off switch, overload protection and a 15 amp of surge protection.

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