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The Power Strip CMS Categorical Waiver and Its Requirements

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released a categorical waiver allowing the use of power strips in new and existing healthcare facility patient care rooms, if the provider/supplier is in compliance with all applicable 2012 Life Safety Code (LSC) power strip requirements and with all other 2000 LSC electrical system and equipment provisions.

What are the power strip requirements and provisions that need to be met in the CMS categorical waiver? According to the September 26, 2014 CMS memo entitled, Categorical Waiver for Power Strips Use in Patient Care Areas (Ref: S&C: 14-46-LSC), power strips may be used in the patient care room and vicinity for patient-care-related electrical equipment if they meet the following conditions:

Mounting: Power strips must be permanently mounted to electrical equipment such as mobile carts, IV poles and other movable equipment, with clamps, mounting tabs, flanges, or any other means. In addition, their flexible cords must be secured so they do not become a tripping hazard.
Unused Outlets: After leakage currents have been tested, the power strip’s unused outlets must be secured (e.g., self-locking covers) in order to prevent the connection of unauthorized devices or non-medical equipment.
Protective Features: travel power strip must contain protective features, including internal ground fault circuit interruption (GFCI) and over-current protection.
UL Standards: For patient-care-related electrical equipment, power strips must meet UL 1363A or UL 60601-1 standards as Special Purpose Relocatable Power Taps (SPRPT). For non-patient-care-related electrical equipment, they must meet UL 1363 as Relocatable Power Taps (RPT).
Non-Medical Usage: Non-medical devices, such as personal electronic equipment, cannot be plugged into a power strip in the patient care vicinity; however, they may be used outside of the patient care vicinity for non-medical use.
Maintenance: The electrical equipment that uses the power strip must be inspected within a regular maintenance program for electrical/mechanical integrity (e.g. the casing, power cords, safety covers, and circuit breakers, etc.).
Note: “Patient care room” has replaced the term “patient care area” in the 2012 NFPA 99 and is defined as a treatment or examination room in a healthcare facility. A patient care vicinity is a location within a patient care room that extends 6 ft. beyond a bed, table or other device, and vertically 7 ft. 6 in. above the floor.


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World Bank, Nigerian Banks, Others Plan Solar Power For 1m Nigerian Households

The World Bank, International Financial Corporation (IFC) in partnership with some Nigerian banks and energy companies have established the Lighting Africa project, aimed at connecting over one million vulnerable households in rural communities in the country to off grid electricity, using solar energy over the next five years.

The World Bank is catalysing its partners in the project to spread electricity by moving more people to better lighting solutions. They are promoting the use of solar bulbs, lamps, panels and other lighting solutions which are environmentally friendly, safe, affordable, durable and easy to install.

The global financial institutions are linking Nigerian investors and merchants to access loans from commercial banks at World Bank/IFC approved interest rates to source for funds as well as link them to certified global solar energy equipment manufacturers so that they can bring in the solar lighting solutions to those without electricity in the rural and semi-urban areas.

Some of the approved solar power banks companies the World Bank is working with in Nigerian include: Awango by Total, Barefoot Power, DLight Solar, Freeplay, FuturaSun, Greenlight Planet, Little Sun, Niwa, MniVoltaic, Orb Energy and Philips. These companies and many other prospects will access low interest from banks to finance the project.

According to Mr. Fanen Acho, Lighting Africa consultant for World Bank/IFC for English speaking West Africa, the aim is to reduce dependence on the use of kerosene, local lamps, generators and candles for lighting through the use of solar power solutions recharged through sunlight.

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Use Power Strips to Smarten Your Home
Thinking of making your home a bit smarter? Want more control of your energy use?

When it comes to energy-efficiency actions, homeowners have quite a few choices. But what if you can’t afford major home improvements? Or what if you’re a renter? As a Domino energy concierge, I get this kind of question a lot.

The good new is, any of us can take simple actions to save energy and money — and make our homes a little smarter in the process.

Vanquish the vampires

“Smart homes” are quite the buzz these days. And the term can mean a lot of things. I’ll start with a simple action that’s also the smartest thing you can do to save energy in your home. It involves killing off vampire energy loads — the power that your appliances are draining even when you’re not using them.

An easy way to vanquish the vampires is to plug your appliances into smart strips. These power strips won’t stop all energy use, like a traditional power strip would if you turned it off or unplugged it. But they have the benefit of being easier to control, so you’re more likely to turn off devices.

You can choose from several kinds of smart strips. Here are the best of each main type.

belkinRemote-switch power strips

Remote-switch power strips have one or two “always on” plugs, for devices you want to ensure stay on, and usually three times as many “easy off” plugs. You can turn off unused devices by flipping a switch on the strip itself, or sometimes even using a remote. A top-of-the-line remote-switch

travel power strip is the Belkin Conserve Switch? Surge Protector with Remote.

Master-controlled power strips

Like the remote-switch variety, master-controlled power strips have several “always on” plugs for your DVR and other devices you don’t want to cut off power to. They also have a “control plug,” which senses when more energy is being pulled from a device that’s plugged in and turns on — like when you turn on the TV with your remote. A good one is the Smart Strip 4940 LCG3 LCG3M Energy Saving Surge Protector with Autoswitching Technology, 10-Outlet.

WestekTimer power strips

Timer power strips turn on and off based on the time you set them to. This is a great feature if you know you won’t be using devices during certain times, or if you’d like to have devices like lights turn on automatically at certain times. Check out the Westek TE08WHB Indoor 8-Outlet Weekly Digital Power Strip Timer.

emerbtecMasterless power strips

Masterless power strips detect when power is being called for. When a significant amount of power is not being called for, the whole strip powers down, to ensure the vampire load is kept to a minimum. A downside of these strips is that if they detect a large enough drop in energy use, they might cut power to devices you are using. They’re also some of the most expensive power strips on the market. If you’d still like to try them out, the Embertec EmberCeptor AV Series is a good bet.

Smart strip and plugs

WemoSmart strips or plugs are connected to wifi, letting you control your power usage over the phone. Which type is right for you depends on how you’ll use them:

Belkin WeMo Switch: A single outlet controlled independently. This product’s app also includes a timer, a scheduled on option, and an Away Mode, which makes it look like you’re home when you’re not by randomly turning on and off.
i-BRIGHT7x 4ft Smart Surge Protector: 5 outlets controlled together (plus 2 always on) — only for iPhones.
Ubiquiti mPower mFi 3-port Power (EU and US) Wifi: 3 outlets that are separately controlled but located together — iPhone and Android compatible.

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Sunleaves Power Matrix is the power strip of our dreams
The Power Matrix 8-outlet power strip from Sunleaves is one of the most exciting electrical appliances we’ve ever seen. We’re already swooning for just about any usb power strip that has a straight eight outlets but not only does the Sunleaves Power Matrix SPM-100 have five of its outlets on stuby little squid arms, it is remarkably cheap too!

We’ve covered a ridiculously diverse array of power strips over the years. Everything from the Kill-a-Watt PS to monitor electricity consumption, the iRemoTap PS that puts control in the cloud, the USB Power Strip that turns a computer into a controller to the Waterproof Power Strip and Articulated Power Strip have caught our attention.

However, priced at just $20 online and perhaps a couple bucks more at brick n’ mortar stores, it’s hard to beat the Sunleaves Power Matrix’s sheer value and practicality. The UL-listed SPM-100 includes a 3.5 foot cord, illuminated on/off switch, overload protection and a 15 amp of surge protection.

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Back in October 2015 Club 3D did introduce its first USB 3.1 Type-C Adapters. Those adapters did have a very good market acceptance directly from the beginning and with Type C featured Notebooks, Ultrabooks etc. having a wider spread from week to week we are sure that now is the right time to introduce the next USB 3.1 Type C Adapters to offer our customers the widest range of outputs that they can get with Type C.Those adapters do form an innovative new product segment with our existing range of high quality Audio/ Video Adapters like f.e. the first (Mini)DP 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 adapters (CAC-1070/1170) that were initially introduced by Club 3D in January 2016.

The USB Type-C connector was introduced in the first months of 2015. This completely new connector plug is smaller, reversible and capable of transferring more than data alone. It is expected that the USB Type-C connector will eventually replace the USB Type A and Type B connectors we have all been using over the past years. With the Type-C connector, the USB 3.1 standard was introduced as well. Compared to USB 3.0 the new standard offers twice the transfer rate of up to 10 Gbps and allows for three essential features to be used over a single cable: Video, Data and Power.
The possibility of connecting and powering your laptop, tablet or smartphone with a range of peripherals, monitors and other devices using only one cable is a significant improvement over the previous standards. It means the beginning of a new era with less cable clutter, higher transfer speeds, faster charging, and support for DisplayPort alternate mode which enables video signal transport up to 4K UHD resolution at 60Hz. It's recognizable by the small and convenient, future proof connector plug which will be implemented in the vast majority of (mobile) devices you will own in the coming years.
USB 3.1 Type-C to DisplayPort 1.2 active Adapter (CAC-1507)
The Club 3D CAC-1507 is an Active DisplayPort signal converter. The USB 3.1 Type-C to DisplayPort 1.2 UHD Adapter is the easiest solution for connecting your USB 3.1 Type C source device featuring DisplayPort Alternate Mode to a DisplayPort1.2 enabled (Ultra) High Definition Monitor, Television or Projector. The DisplayPort adapter is compact and highly portable. Powered by the USB-C port, the adapter requires no external power and is ideal for use with the latest notebooks and Ultrabooks.
The CAC-1507 adapter is available from today.
USB 3.1 Type-C to DVI-D active Adapter (CAC-1508)
The Club 3D CAC-1508 is an Active DVI signal converter. The USB 3.1 Type-C to DVI-D Adapter is the easiest solution for connecting your USB 3.1 Type C source device featuring DisplayPort Alternate Mode to a DVI-D enabled High Definition Monitor, Television or Projector. The DVI-D adapter is compact and highly portable. Powered by the USB-C port, the adapter requires no external power and is ideal for use with the latest notebooks and Ultrabooks. This adapter supports resolutions for up to 1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz.
The CAC-1508 adapter will be available worldwide from the second half of March.
USB 3.1 Type-C to HDMI 2.0 active Adapter (CAC-1504)
The Club 3D USB 3.1 Type-C to HDMI 2.0 UHD Adapter is the easiest solution for connecting your USB 3.1 Type-C source device featuring DisplayPort Alternate Mode to an HDMI 2.0 enabled UHD Monitor, Television or Projector. The HDMI adapter is powered by the USB Type-C port. It's ideal for use with high-end (Gaming) notebooks and Ultrabooks and supports resolutions of up to 4K UHD at 60Hz for exceptionally smooth video and gameplay.
The CAC-1504 adapter will be available worldwide from the second half of March.

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Cord clutter? Fix it with these space saving power strips

Rich Thrush has a strategy when it comes to power strips, one he practices religiously at home and at work: “I have one strip for devices that need to be on all the time and another for devices that can be shut off periodically, like backup camera batteries and phone chargers.”

And all of those power strips are hidden from view.

“They’re under the bed, and under the sofa in the living room,” he said. “And in my office, they’re hidden behind rows of models on the windowsill.”

An avowed minimalist, Thrush, 36, is the director of industrial design at Kaz Inc., a company that makes products for brands such as Braun, Vicks and Honeywell. He had agreed to shop for interesting-looking power strips, despite his own predilection for hiding them, but he began by offering a word of warning.

Making a statement is fine, he said, standing in the middle of AC Gears, the electronics and gadgets store, holding a lightning bolt, a bright yellow power strip that demanded to be put on display. “Just don’t fill a room with statements,” he said. “It’s annoying and confusing when everyone speaks at once.”

While the lightning bolt might not make its way into Thrush’s home or workplace, the widely available Pivot Power Strip was a stronger candidate.

“I often find myself modifying products to fit specific situations, but not everyone is handy,” he said. “This allows for a consumer to modify it to fit specific situations, or just to noodle around.”

Scott Wilson’s Power Pod, which Thrush spotted online at Coalesse, was a favorite because it combined two things everyone needs: a pencil cup and power.

“Instead of trying to hide the outlets under the desk, where they’re difficult to deal with,” he said, “they’re right there where you need them” — under the pencil cup. Even better, he added, is “the option to make them less unsightly when not in use,” by hiding them under the cup.

The Blue Lounge cable box, which he also found online, offered a different version of a similar strategy.

“It takes the travel power strip and changes it into something else,” Thrush said. “It’s almost like a little storage box or a landing spot for your phone.”

For a minimalist like Thrush, there was one obvious choice: the Belkin Conceal surge protector.

“I love the orderliness of the cords and the ability to hard-mount it,” he said. And “if you hard-mount it in an inconspicuous spot, it just becomes part of the architecture.”

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Apple’s smartwatch is supposed to have a battery life of 18 hours — and while that is a full day of activity, wearers do forget to charge the thing overnight. Thus begins the race to bring us gadgets for charging on the go, like this contender by Dutch wireless charging company Zens.

This puppy, announced at CES in Las Vegas today, juices your power-sucking, app-filled Apple Watch on the go, no cords or cables required. It can fully charge your timepiece up to four times, and it’s even got Apple’s stamp of approval. It goes on sale in March for about $US55 ($75).

Expect to see more power banks rolling out this year. Last year, this one earned over $US100,000 ($137,055) in funding on Kickstarter, for example. Smart watches are fun, but in between apps, internet, games, messaging, mapping, and more, their batteries get zapped lickety split, so constantly charging them kind of defeats the purpose of their mobility. But battery power bank like these could be the portable, if clunky, solution — for now.

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Are slow iPhone sales just a blip or is Apple starting to struggle?
Self-made billionaire investor Carl Icahn is known for his very vocal endorsements and criticisms of the world’s biggest public companies,ipad cables including Apple. Yet when he appeared on CNBC on Thursday, he wasn’t there to demand the company give shareholders dividends, as he’d been doing for years.

Instead, he said he was out. Icahn said he’d dumped every share he held in Apple, claiming he made a $2bn profit and was done with the company, citing concerns about how the Chinese government could block the company from that market. “You worry a little bit, and maybe more than a little, about China’s attitude,” Icahn said, warning of a “tsunami” of trouble.

Watching the broadcast was Dan Nathan, who runs the influential market analysis site Risk Reversal. “The jig is up for Apple,” Nathan said. “The big money’s known that for a while. But people love their iPhones so much, bluetooth keyboard case and the tech press are all fanboys, so people haven’t talked about it.”

Wednesday marked the end of an era in Cupertino as Apple reported its first ever drop in iPhone sales, sending the company’s stock down to about 30% off its all-time high in May 2015.

iPhone sales in China – a crucial market for Apple to continue growing – have plunged 26% as its economy stalls, with some reports indicating the Apple brand is losing prestige there. In the US, customers are upgrading their phones more slowly as the differences between generations, like the iPhone 6 to 6s, become more incremental.

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn sells entire stake in Apple
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Those bullish on the company say that the slowdown is inevitable as the smartphone market matures, and that Apple will find another game-changing product. In the meantime, the business is good: Apple pulled in $50.6bn in revenue and $10.5bn in profits this quarter. And its CEO has won a high-profile public battle against the FBI over phone hacking, showing Silicon Valley’s unprecedented power.

“It was 30 years between the Macintosh and the iPhone,” said Jean-Louis Gassée, once an engineering head at Apple who shepherded the early Macintosh and now watches the company closely. “It takes time for these major waves.”

But in Silicon Valley, where the motto seems to be “innovate or die”, growth is everything. And critics argue that Apple, famous for its internal culture of aggression and secrecy, has lost its innovative edge.

Despite criticism, Apple Music has grown to 13 million subscribers - a bright spot in ??Apple’s financial results?
Analysts say the company has not had a distinct hit product in recent years. The company tightly guards its Apple Watch sales figures, but researchers see numbers slipping in favor of wearables that use Android software – made by Apple’s arch-rival Google.

Reviews of the new Retina MacBook were tepid. Tech news site the Verge liked the “beautiful” machine but found it slower, impractical and expensive, so the reviewer went back to his older Mac, while industry site The Loop described the company’s Apple Music service as a consumer “nightmare” because of technical and design problems. Despite criticism, Apple Music, has grown to 13 million subscribers, a bright spot in Apple’s recent financial results.

The most important issue facing Apple, analysts say, is how it can expand internationally. In China, the company’s most important new market, the number of people who can stretch for an aspirational product such as an iPhone has topped out, Nathan said. The average iPhone, without wireless service contracts, cost $687 in the last quarter of 2014, according to ABI Research and the Wall Street Journal – three times more expensive than an Android device, which typically sold for about $254 globally. But World Bank data from 2015 shows that in China the average income is $7,400 – meaning that an iPhone would cost the average Chinese person more than 10% of their annual salary.

“It’s an expensive phone,” Nathan said. “And the high end has become saturated.” Nathan said the best bet would be to expand into the lower end, which the company is doing somewhat with their new 4in iPhone SE. But a past effort at a bargain product, the colorful, plastic iPhone 5C, was widely seen as a flop. “That was three years ago, though,” Nathan said.

Tim Cook, who took over as CEO after the company’s iconic founder Steve Jobs died in 2011, is an expert in supply chains rather than product design. Where Jobs was obsessed with the product specs, Cook is more focused on spending projections, according to a rare authorized profile in Bloomberg News that sought to prove the new CEO wasn’t just “Jobs’s logical, icy sidekick”.

On Wednesday, Cook said that broader market issues were causing the slow in growth, and recognizing that critics were worried about China, seemed to reference the notion that Apple was no longer Silicon Valley’s star. “[We] may not have the wind at our backs that we once did,” Cook said of the company’s efforts in China. “But it’s a lot more stable than what I think the common view of it is.”

Apple CEO vows after company loses over $40bn in value: 'This too shall pass'
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Ben Bajarin, an analyst at Creative Strategies technology market research firm, said there is little Apple could have done better given the broader smartphone market. The company is a victim of its own success, he argued. “There’s contentment with consumers at large who look at their phones and say, ‘You know, this thing’s pretty great, I don’t know if I need a new one,’” Bajarin said. “You’ve got to give someone a reason to buy a new device.”

Bajarin thinks the market overreacted to the iPhone sales numbers, since the company sold as many phones as it had said it would this quarter. “It wasn’t a surprise. They came in just above the bottom end of their own guidance,” Bajarin said. “All of this now is just about managing Wall Street.”

The company, with its $233bn in cash, has been been using that money to buy back its own stock and pay shareholder dividends to encourage investors. “Apple has the ability to be patient because of that money, but everyone will say they also have the ability to be complacent,” Bajarin said. “But I don’t think that’s their plan.”

The command and control that reigns at Apple is not necessarily working in its favor anymore.
Jean-Louis Gassée, former Apple engineer and investor
“Nobody believes they’ll be like, ‘yeah, that’s it, we rode the smartphones and we’re done’,” he added. “They’re out looking for the next thing right now.”

Others argue, though, that Apple’s culture has become uniquely problematic and is getting in the way of innovation. Tim Kuppler, who advises corporations on better workplace environments through the firm Human Synergistics, is working on a study of 30 tech company’s cultures.

“If you’re at Apple, there’s so much secrecy, you can’t bring your 100% because there are certain things you can’t even talk about,” Kuppler said. “It’s very difficult in that environment for people to live up to their potential. You’ve got chains on; you’re riding the brake. That’s very different now at places like Google that are more achievement oriented.”


For Apple, issues with culture may be affecting recruitment and retention. The company recently lost the head of their electric car operation as well as a longtime designer who worked closely with design team chief Jony Ive.

There was an era in Silicon Valley when critics rarely voiced opinions on the unassailable Cupertino powerhouse, where strong hierarchies and control are woven into the corporate culture. Now sentiment in Silicon Valley seems to be turning against the company. Even on the quiet streets of Palo Alto, Cook runs into trouble.

“He was all by himself, and I gave him a 30-second harangue about the App Store,” said Gassée, who ran into Cook at a shopping mall earlier this year. “Growth hid a lot of shortcomings for Apple. When you grow fast you can be a little disheveled, dirty. Now Apple has to revisit what it’s lacking.”

Gassée, who left the company in 1990 and has since become an investor, said Apple’s culture of tight hierarchies and aggressive managers wasn’t working for them in the new modern climate: “The command and control that reigns at Apple is not necessarily working in its favor any more.”

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NIBONG TEBAL, Malaysia (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - A 72-year-old retired engineer is thankful that he wasn't in his car when the power banks he left inside the glove compartment burst into flames.

Recalling the incident that took place last Saturday afternoon (March 19), Mr Tan Heng Swee said he parked his Proton Iswara at the Old Frees Association in Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah and went for lunch with his wife at a nearby restaurant.

"About an hour later, the parking attendant rushed in to inform me that smoke was billowing from my car. I quickly grabbed an extinguisher and put out the fire.

"Later, I found out the fire was caused by the power bank.

"I believe the hot weather had triggered a small explosion. Luckily, nobody was hurt," he said at his house in Simpang Ampat on Friday (March 25).

Mr Tan later posted about the incident on his Facebook page to warn others of the danger of leaving a power bank inside a car. The post went viral.

"I advise the public not to leave any electrical gadget or power bank inside their vehicle," he said.

Mr Tan said the damage to his 15-year-old car had not been ascertained but the repair is expected to take about two weeks.

Last month, adapters the Consumers Association of Penang had highlighted that some power banks built with cheap batteries could easily explode or start a fire.

Its president, S.M. Mohamed Idris, said these types of imported power banks were easily available at flea markets, pasar malam and shopping malls.

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Accessories manufacturer led both the UK power bank and wall/main charger markets at the end of last year

Gusto Telecom was the leading manufacturer of power banks and mains chargers in the UK at the end of last year – just three-and-a-half years after it launched.

The Banbury-based accessories manufacturer almost tripled its share in the power bank for Samsung market from three per cent in 2014 to 8.8 per cent at the end of December, followed by Kit Mobile (8.4 per cent), PNY Technology (7.9 per cent) and Belkin (4.6 per cent).

Gusto’s power bank range consists of a number of products across its ‘Juice’ brand, such as the All Nighter, Block, Cube, Power Station, Weekender and Squash, Squash Mini and Squash XL.

It finished last year leading the wall/mains charger market in the UK with share of 10.1 per cent – up from 9.4 per cent at the end of 2014 – followed by Nokia (7.5 per cent) and Kit Mobile (2.7 per cent).

Gusto Telecom MD Joe Bennett said: “To be leading both of these competitive markets just three years after we launched is a phenomenal achievement. Retailers have been impressed by our innovative product design, packaging and marketing, solar power banks and we don’t see why that won’t continue to be the case.”

Juiced up
Gusto launched its Juice brand in August 2012 with wall/mains chargers. Packaged in cardboard juice cartons, the range consists of Apple Juice, BlackBerry Juice and Multi Juice, which comes with six universal connectors making it compatible with Apple, BlackBerry, HTC and Samsung devices.

The power banks and chargers are on sale at a number of high street and online retailers in the UK, including O2, Three, Currys PC World, Sainsbury’s, John Lewis and WH Smith.

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