Avencore 40W Premium 5-Port USB Smart-Charger Avencore

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    Be amazed at the incredible power of the Avencore Avalanche 40W Premium 5-Port USB Smart-Charger! Exclusive to Cable Chick.

    Powerful multi-device charging
    Avencore has done it again, this time with a desktop USB charger that will make life easier.

    With its 40W power rating and smart-charging design, every socket can deliver up to 2.4Amps to your mobile devices, which is more than enough to charge up Smartphones, Tablets, iPads, GoPros, power bank for iphone and all your other gadgets at their absolute maximum rate.

    No more fighting over who gets to use the 'good' charger and no more wondering if your tablet is trickle-charging or not! Up to 8Amps total load means you can attach up to tablet holders three iPads at once, or an iPad and a couple of smartphones with ease.

    A central hub for your household

    This best part about the Avalanche USB Charger is that it takes up only a single 240V mains outlet, yet offers enough sockets for a whole family to keep their devices topped-up. As an added bonus, you can place the charger in a convenient location and use shorter USB cables which have less power loss to ensure the quickest charge ever.

    The lay-flat desktop design means it has a rock-solid base that can't be tipped over because of a heavy device or thick cable, which is a drawback of other charger designs. The matte finish repels all but the oiliest of fingerprints and looks very understated and professional.

    Interior ComponentsHigh quality components

    Built-in safety measures protect you from overload, overheating and over-voltage, and the units operate at full tilt without becoming space heaters. The tidy interior components are protected from vibration and shock by a silicone based non-conductive fixing agent, and the whole thing is backed by a 24-month replacement warranty from Avencore.

    In our new world of smartphones, tablets, wearable fitness trackers, miniaturised action cameras and GPS systems, the Avencore Avalance 40W 5-Port Desktop USB Charger is an essential addition to every home and office.

    Get yours today!

    Avencore Avalanche 40W Premium 5-Port USB Charger with 5x Smart-Charging
    IEC C7 to Australian Mains power usb cables included

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